Tasty breakfasts are served seven days a week from 9.00 to 12.00 a.m.. Start your day right!

Two scrambled eggs, butter, baguette  – 10 zł

Two fried eggs, butter, toomato, baguette  – 10 zł

Curd cheese, soft – boiled egg, butter, rye bread  – 10 zł

Granola with greek yoghurt and fruits  – 10 zł

Toast sandwich with cheese and ham  – 10 zł

Crepes with icing sugar  – 10 zł

Frankfurter sausages, cucumber, butter, rye bread  – 12 zł

Chef’s omelette  – 15 zł

Chef’s baked sandwich  – 19 zł

Shakshuka with eggs (stewed vegetables with tomatoes and fried eggs)  – 19 zł

Marysia’s breakfast platter: jam, honey, curd cheese, butter, seasonal fruits, crepe, toast sandwich, americano coffee or tea  – 22 zł

Jasio’s breakfast platter: frankfurter sauseges, fried eggs, curd cheese, mixed green lettuces, butter, bread, americano coffe or tea  – 22 zł