Each day from 12.00 a.m. we are happy to serve our Author’s menu.
Author's menu

Remember, our menu is exemplary and changeable, every day we offer different meals.
Find more information about each day menu on our facebook page or on the phone no: 735-915-100.


Cold soups – in summer season – 14 zł

Pumpkin cream soup – in fall season – 14 zł

Beetroot cream soup – in winter season – 14 zł

Asparagus cream soup –  in spring season – 14 zł

Fish & seafood soup – wednesday, thursday – 18 zł


Steak of beef tartare – 33 zł

Piece of bread with herring – 12 zł

Beuschetta with tomatoes   16 zł

Chief’s sandwich with rostbeff, roman lettuce, red onion and tomato  – 25 zł

Seasonal appetizers: asparagus with dry-cured ham with fried egg  – 25 zł


Cesar salad with grilled chicken breast, croutons, parmesan and anchovies sauce   28 zł

Seafood salad with orange carpaccio, chilli and coriander – 30 zł

Salad with grilled halloumi cheese, raspberry tomato and pesto sauce – 29 zł


3 kinds of shrimps  – 36 zł

  • with wine sauce and parsley
  • with tomato sauce
  • with sour cream sauce
Main courses

Salmon filet served on the risotto with sugar snap peas – 40 zł

Roast beef with herbal butter, rosemary baked potatoes and mixed green salad – 40 zł

Pork tenderloin with mushrooms sauce, potato gnocchi and marinated beetroots – 33 zł

Chicken fillet with baked potatoes and fresh cucumber and sour cream salad – 30 zł

Veal with chanterelle sauce, potato dumplings and green lettuce – 30 zł

Pork cutlet with mashed potatoes and fried cabbage – 30 zł

Risotto with turkey, sugar snap peas and pak choi with ginger and coriander – 33 zł


Black sepia papardelle pasta with shrimps, spinach, cherry tomatoes with butter & wine sauce – 33 zł

Penne with chicken, asparagus, dried ham and cream sauce – 29 zł

Spaghetti with pork tenderloin and chanterelle sauce sprinkled with chopped parsley – 30 zł

Farfalle with courgette, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella cheese and pesto – 25 zł

Black sepia spaghetti with tofu, pak-choi cabbage, ginger and mun mushrooms with soya sauce – 26 zł

Wegetarian dishes

Truffles gnocchi with baked cherry tomatoes and blnched spinach – 25 zł

Baked beets with goat cheese and candied orange served on arugula salad with balsamic sauce – 25 zł


Meringue cake with fruits – 15 zł

Ice-cream sundae with meringue and espresso coffee – 14 zł

Homemade crepes with sweet cheese or homemade jam – 14 zł

We also remember about our youngest guests – we have Kids menu on weekends.
Kids menu
Marysia's set meal

Homemade chicken noodle soup – 7 zł

Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and carrots with peas – 20 zł

Strawberry jelly with fruits – 6 zł

Jasiu's set meal

Tomato soup with rice – 7 zł

Chicken tenderloin in cornflakes with potato slices and carrot salad – 20 zł

Ice cream with raspberry mousse – 6 zł